Globelers Accomodation Exchange

How Can I host a group of people?

It is important to take into account that each Local Group needs to plan how is going to provide accommodation to their group of guests. Depending on the size of the guest group it will be needed more than one home to host them all. For that reason when you create your Local Group you have to add the information related with each of the house units that you will use to host a group with a similar size as yours.

For example, if I create a local group of four people (three friends and myself), I should be able to offer accommodation for a group of four or more guests. If I could only host two people at my home, I should talk with the other members of my Local Group in order to organize the accommodation for the remaining guests. In this case, one of my friends could host two more guest.

However, each local group can organize the accommodation distribution for their guests differently, according on the capacity of the homes of each member. For instance, it would be also possible to host one guest each, or if someone had space for 4 people they could all stay together.

The point is that if you offer very good accommodation conditions you will have more chances to get the ideal accommodation as well. Because more local groups will be willing to have the Globelers experience with you!

What if I can’t host anyone?

That is not a problem. You will need to create a local group with at least one friend who could host two people. Because other members of your Local Group can host people on your behalf.